Monday, July 4, 2016

A time to think...

The more I read the research oriented explanations of the evolution of our religion the more I realise how the keepers of faith today have misused it to achieve personal gains. The monsters created by the ideological mess for short term gains are now hurting us in the long term. It is about time that we all try to understand the true message by individual and collective effort, a message where humanity, humility, peace and coexistence form the major pillars. A message where even war is to be waged only to defend oneself when attacked and that too with a ethical code. Do not let religion become a name of ritualistic practices and blind following of those perceived to be the keepers. Understand before its too late, before the monsters keep shedding blood with no respect for any code or ethics and all that's left is a hollow carcass of a grand world entrusted to each of us...

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blood & death return to my city...

جس ملک میں سب کام بیرونی ہاتھ پر ڈالنے کی روش چل پڑے وھاں کوئی یہ سوال کیوں نہیں کرتا کہ یہ ہاتھ ہمارے گریبانوں تک پہنچ کیسے جاتے ہیں۔ وہ ہاتھ جن کی آبیاری یہ قوم اپنا پیٹ کاٹ کر کرتی ہے کہ ہمارا دفاع کریں گے کہاں ہیں؟ کیا ھم اور ہمارے بچے صرف مجبوری کی شہادتوں کے لیے رہ گئے ہیں؟
پارک میں کھیلتے بچوں کا تو ابلیس بھی دشمن نہیں  ہوتا ۔ بنام مذہب کون لوگ ایسا کرتے ہیں کونسا دین یہ راستہ دکھاتا ہے کونسا مذہب اس راہ پر چلاتا ہے ۔

ذہن پر خوف کی بنیاد اٹھانے والوں
ظلم کی فصل کو کھیتوں میں اُگانے والوں
گیت کے شہر کو بندوق سے ڈھانے والوں
فکر کی راہ میں بارُود بچھانے والوں
کب تک اس شاخِ گلستاں کی رگیں ٹوٹیں گی
کونپلیں آج نہ پُھوٹیں گی تو کل پھوٹیں گی

کس پہ لبّیک کہو گے کہ نہ ہوگی باہم
جوہری بم کی صدا اور صدائے گوتم
رزق برتر ہے کہ شعلہ بداماں ایٹم
گھر کے چُولھے سے اُترتی ہوئی روٹی کی قسم
زخم اچھا ہے کہ ننھی سی کلی اچھی ہے
خوف اچھا ہے کہ بچوں کی ہنسی اچھی ہے

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Journeys of the Soul

And how does the soul grow but to be inquisitive. To question what is and how it has come to be so, to contemplate how it can be improved. Once you lose the inquisitive nature that raises questions you no longer strive for the answers and then the improvement stops. Don't let someone else's journey dictate your path,they never walked in your shoes and lived your fears. Their is goodness in all of us and in each one around us, to seek the light within each soul is the only path to unlocking the light within us. When you allow others to shine and share their light, you liberate yourself and your surroundings from darkness. If we become afraid of the diversity this world has to offer and want all to be the same then aren't we challenging the powers of creation? Live as an explorer, an observer and soon you will live as a soul connected to many others. The path to the divine cannot be through isolation and rejection of variety, rather through acceptance of this varied existence of which we are just a fragment... 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Of lost stars...

The night was cold and the breeze was chilly, yet the sky was clear. The absent moon allowed the stars their moment of glory and they filled the sky with brilliance. Sitting outside their campsite the elder looked towards the young boy who was gazing at the stars as if he was trying to find something hidden among them. After a brief cough the elder spoke addressing the young one, "do you know many of the stars you see in the sky right now have been dead for millions of years". Amazed and bewildered the young boy shifted his gaze from the stars to the elder and asked how is that possible? How can we see something that has ceased to exist?
 The old man took a sip of tea and replied, "look son these stars were shining in a corner of the universe millions of years ago and their light has just reached us, travelling across vast expanses of space, a journey of millions of years to add another shining dot to the dark sky". The boy wanted to know more and was carefully listening so the old man continued, " They may have died, yet the light they gave to the universe makes this dark night shine, we may never know when they ceased to exist but today in this moment their light shines. Every night when you look up at the sky, take a moment to think and realize that those numerous stars, many of them dead for millions of years, still catch your attention and are a cause for your interest in the sky".
 "My son! like these stars become a person who even when gone would continue to shine, their light illuminating lives. Become the person whose message and deeds would transcend time and continue to shine long after he is no more. Become the shining star that would hold the gaze of people without them realizing when you ceased to exist. Become the person who would illuminate dark nights with his contribution, and remember when we have many such persons, even the darkest of nights would be illuminated. People are mortal, granted a finite existence but our actions and the lived we touch can be infinite and immortal. And my son when i am long gone, i hope i am like this shining star that would keep shining in your dark nights, always assuring you of my presence with my flickering light from far far away".

Sunday, September 14, 2014

We all want slaves...

I blame no one for all self proclaimed leader are better than this man who lost his home. All the righteous men who claim this is some curse unleashed from the heaven in return for our wrongdoings, please tell me why does it only sweep away the poor who already have nothing, if this is a curse then why those who stand tall after every crime are spared?Those who live in castles and are afraid of fingers being pointed at them, fear the day when this cry on anguish will become a cry of anger, when the people will have no homes and nothing to eat, they will drag you out of your homes and will dine on your flesh and bones! Fear the day, fear the cries emerging from so many souls, they will haunt you like ghosts...

NO doubt you will say we will not leave u alone, we will feed you people but what you want is for them to be eternal beggars always at your mercy, never having a right to chose. You will have someone to serve with your charity, someone to look down upon and help with your wealth. What you do not want is free individuals, living on their free will, independent and prosperous. In time of peace or times of calamity you need slaves, you need worn down human beings who can receive your alms and thank you in return. People who will helpless gazes will forever look towards you for their tiniest needs and you while granting them what was truly theirs, will stand tall and look great.

This has to stop, this cannot be allowed to continue. It is brazen injustice to the people and we are all responsible for it. We all need weak and needy people to show how giving and kind we are, we all fear independent people because they make us insecure. We allow this injustice to continue by not forming a society where rights of all are safeguarded and a true welfare system exists!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Journeys & Destinations

You think life is a succession of destinations that you reach but all that is to life is the succession of journeys. Once you reach a destination its done, achieved, conquered and you look to the next one but what got you here and what will get you there is the journey. You are shaped n ground to shine not by your destinations but the journeys you take to get there...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Society and its bigotry is becoming too heavy a burden, the only solace is in wilderness. The jungle with trees and ravines may seem dangerous but this jungle of concrete is a bigger killer, some are killed for what they are and some for what they will not become. There are roads, streets and signs yet life is lost. There are only virtues and honors to be used to kill. Humility, tolerance and acceptance have been declared grave sins. Life is slowly dying and death tightening its grip everywhere...